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About Us

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Here at Dick's Auto Body, we take a personal approach to all of our jobs and treat each of our customers with respect. We do our absolute best to make sure each individual is completely satisfied with the services we have provided.

Personalized Approach

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Excellence and Professionalism

With each car that comes through our facility comes a new opportunity to provide quality repairs.  Unlike many other auto body shops, we're not just here to make a living.  We're here because we're proud of what we do, and want to provide our customers with a world class, quality repair experience that goes unmatched.  Excellence and professionalism is what we promise, and you can count on us for that every time! 

Our Legacy 

It was 1970 when Dick's Auto Body first opened it's doors on a small backroad in Rutland Massachusetts.  Richard Merchant Sr. opened up shop with a promise of providing high quality collision repair work to the people of Rutland MA.  He kept that promise, and Dick's became one of the top shops in central Massachusetts.  It was in 2005 that the business grew to the point of requiring a second location.  Dick's son, Richard Merchant Jr. helped to build and open a second facility right on Rt.31 in Holden MA.  He has the same eye for quality that his father had, and with the new clientele from Holden, Paxton and Rutland, Dick's Auto Body reached an all time high.  Providing many customers with award winning repair services was the pride of Rick, and he has passed that passion down to his employees.

Rick has since had to step away from the auto body industry in pursuit of healthier living, and a passion for the outdoors, but the shop is now in the capable hands of longtime employee, Andy Milner.  His leadership skills and pride will help keep Dick's legacy going for decades to come.  

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