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Frame Straightening Service

Sometimes, when you are involved in a collision, the frame can be damaged.  This isn't as big of an issue as it may sound!


 Frame damage is actually relatively frequent on modern cars, due to a safety development called the crumple zone.  New cars are designed with these crumple zones to help reduce forces exerted on the body during a collision.  

The car absorbs some of the force, so your body doesn't get damaged.  Modern cars are all about safety!

We have modern frame repair equipment here at Dick's Auto Body to make sure that your frame repair is accurate.  Accurate frame repair helps to make sure that next time you are involved in a collision, you are just as safe as the first time!  We take measurements before repairing your vehicle, and compare to a schematic for your specific year, make and model.  If the vehicle is out of factory specification, we will adjust the frame using a hydraulic pulling system. 


Once the frame is back to specification, we will proceed with fitting the outer body panels, such as fenders, doors and hoods.  By repairing the frame properly, we can guarantee straight, even body lines.  Another component that we adjust after frame repair is the suspension in your vehicle.  After your frame repair is complete, we will put your vehicle on our alignment machine and make sure that your suspension is in working order, and within factory specifications.

By having your car repaired at Dick's Auto Body, you can be comfortable in knowing that we have done everything to repair your car back to its pre-collision condition!


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