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No repair is complete without the quality refinishing service we offer.

Whether you've had a repair made, or you would just like a new paint job, Dick's Auto Body provides services with the expertise you are looking for.


Your may desire a new paint job due to damage or age, either way, we have you covered.  Regardless of the reason for the repair,  a fresh paint job will return your car to its original shine and luster, giving that wow factor that it once had.


We have never been a shop to cut corners when it comes to quality materials and paint systems.  Using a top of the line, urethane based refinishing system, you can be guaranteed that, with proper care, your new paint job will retain its gloss for years to come!


Your vehicle will be painted in our full downdraft spray booth, so we can promise minimal dirt nibs and a high gloss, even finish.  All of the paint we apply is cured by means of a 160 degree air temperature baking process.  This helps provide great durability, high gloss retention, and reduced drying time, meaning you'll get your vehicle back even faster, and with a better finish.

 We understand how all of our customers feel about their vehicles, and we don't want anyone driving away dissatisfied with our services.  You came to us for quality auto repair and paint services, and that is exactly what you'll get every time.


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