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Alignment Service

Proper alignment and tire pressure not only increase the life of your tires, they also help you to get better fuel economy!  With the ever rising fuel prices, and consistent increases in tire costs, keeping up with a routine alignment schedule is more important than it has ever been.  

Did you know that most experts in the automotive service industry recommend getting your vehicle lined up every other oil change?  That's about every 6,000-10,000 miles!  An alignment should be a part of your routine maintenance schedule, and we can provide you with that service!


Being an auto body repair facility in Massachusetts, we at Dick's Auto Body understand what our roads can do to a vehicles suspension systems.  Wintertime frost heaves and the large potholes we deal with year round take a toll on our vehicles suspension systems.  We want to make sure that you avoid the costly repairs that could be caused by poor suspension alignment.

Some repairs that you might not think of that could be caused by poor alignment are

  • Early replacement of ball joints             

  • Early replacement of tie rod ends        

  • Early replacement of tires                        

  • Early replacement of wheel bearings 

  • Could potentially cause collision

We have the most up to date alignment measuring system here are Dick's Auto Body, and our professionally trained technicians are prepared and ready to help.  Come down today, or call to schedule an appointment.  And remember, this should be a part of your routine maintenance schedule.  Let's work together to make sure your car stays in working order for many many years!


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